Whistle Blower Policy


St John Singapore is committed to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, ethical and legal conduct, and accountability. In this regard, St John Singapore is committed to ensuring compliance with relevant legislation pertaining to good governance amongst our staff, volunteers and members. In line with this commitment, St John Singapore has a Whistle Blower Policy through which an avenue is provided to both internal and external parties to raise concerns pertaining to actual or suspected malpractice, statutory non-compliance, improprieties in financial transactions and any other wrongdoing. Although not limited to the following, some issues which may be raised through this avenue include:

  1. Fradulent activities / transactions
  2. Personal or professional misconduct
  3. Unauthorised access to and / or disclosure of information
  4. Embezzlement, misappropriation, theft, or criminal misuse of St John Singapore’s monies and resources
  5. Corruption, bribery, or cheating
  6. Aiding and / or abetting illegal activities

Protection for the Whistle Blower

St John Singapore recognises that the decision to report a concern can be a difficult one to make, not least because of the fear of reprisal from those responsible for the alleged malpractice. As a rsult, the whistle blower will be provided protection from reprisals or victimisation for whistle blowing in good faith. St John Singapore will not tolerate harassment or victimisation and will take action to protect anyone who raises a concern in good faith, even if the concern is later proven to be unsubstantiated. However, St John Singapore reserves the right to take action against those who knowingly and / or maliciously give false or misleading information.

Misuse of Avenue

In order for this avenue to function in a manner that achieves its intended aims, it is necessary that this avenue not be abused as a channel for ordinary HR-related grievances. These should be dealt with separately through the proper channels and with due regard for the chain of command. Moreover, frivolous and unsubstantiated claims / complaints will not be considered. St John Singapore does not condone abuse of this policy for personal gain or with malicious intent.


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Board of Inquiry

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