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The Johanniter Order

Germany’s order of St John is comprised of a Christian community that draws strength from the Christian faith to treat the ill, care for the needy, and administer first-aid. To fulfil this mandate, Johanniter established several agencies: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e. V., Johanniter- Sisterhood, Johanniter Welfare Organisations, and Johanniter GmbH.

Johanniter International Assistance

Committed to the principles of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V, their assistance is aimed at all people regardless of their religion, nationality and culture and is not governed by any political interests. Through their international humanitarian work, they provide primary health care, medical disaster relief and prevention and the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

The Dutch Johanniter Order

Johanniter Netherlands is a volunteer organisation. The Johanniter Aid Foundation is the “subsidiary” of the Johanniter Order in the Netherlands, and many members of the Order are working as volunteers at the foundation. Johanniter Netherlands is financially supported by the Johanniter Order.

Swedish Johanniter Order

Johanniterorden i Sverige help and support people in Sweden and abroad who are in spiritual or corporeal distress. This is accomplished through direct aid to individuals or through support of organisations or through the funding of research projects. Since 2005, their operational relief work is conducted by the NGO Johanniterhjälpen.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Working in the field of medical and social care and humanitarian aid, in over 120 countries; they are supported by diplomatic relations with 104 nations. The Order also runs hospitals, medical centres, day hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly and the disabled, and special centres for the terminally ill. In many countries the Order’s volunteer corps provide first aid, social services, emergency and humanitarian interventions.