St John Fellowship

St John Fellowship is the old comrades association of St John Singapore. It was established in April 1996.

The objectives of the St John Fellowship are:

  • To support the activities of St John Singapore
  • To enable former members to keep in touch with St John and with each other
  • To organise meetings, social events, and other activities as desired by members to advance the work of St John and the Fellowship

Since our inception, we have actively supported the work of the St John Association and Brigade, including in the annual Flag Day and Walkathon Collection Drive. In addition, we have worked independently to generate charitable outcomes through the organising of Public Health Talks, visits to charitable homes, and other fund-raising projects.

We welcome all former and existing St John members, along with family members of St John members, to join us. A one-off membership fee of $50.00 is all it takes to continue serving Humanity beyond the Brigade and Association!