Adults, Cadets, and Badgers

The St John Brigade is divided into three groups – Adults, Cadets, and Badgers.

Cadets and Badgers

Cadets and Badgers are members who have chosen to be part of the St John family as their Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in Secondary and Primary Schools respectively.

Our Cadet and Badger programme integrates essential First Aid and Home Nursing skills, community service, badge programmes, leadership development, and character-building, based upon the Ministry of Education’s approach of developing 21st-Century Core Competencies through Character and Citizenship Education.

Through St John, our members have grown to become resilient and compassionate leaders who are ready to contribute to their community. We have a particularly strong group of alumni in the healthcare sector, who have continued to serve Singapore as doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. Many of these healthcare professionals continue to volunteer with St John, sharing their passion with a future generation.

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Interested to be a St John Cadet or Badger? Join us at these schools, or consider starting a St John Cadet Corps in your school or community by contacting us at


Adult members are St John members aged 17 years old and above.

St John aims to provide Adult First Aid certificate holders with the opportunity to meet for further ambulance and nursing practice on a regular basis. You will also have the opportunity to receive further training on-the-job at First Aid Public Duties, and render your knowledge to support various national and community events.

Currently, members of the public are only able to join St John through the St John Responder Unit and the Jurong Town Adult Corps. We also run an Adult Corps at ITE College (Central), which is restricted to ITE College (Central) students.

St John Singapore has affiliations with Adult Corps overseas in both Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Batam, Indonesia, as part of our regional outreach programme.

If you are interested to open an Adult Corps in your school, workplace, or community, contact us at

Find out more about our training programme.

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