Charity Profile and Constitution

Charity Profile

Name of Organisation

St. John Singapore

420 Beach Road
Singapore 199582


H.E. The President of the Republic of Singapore

Board Members


Joe Tan & Associates Pac | Caulfield International Pac


Key Employees

Chief Operating Officer 
Mr Warner Ee Boon Watt

Chief Administrative Officer
Ms Valerie Ng Suat Hoon

Finance Manager
Mr Khoo How Thar, MStJ

Headquarters Course Manager
Mr William Lee, MStJ

Jurong Centre Manager
Mr Thomas Hwa, MStJ

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Charity Status

Charity Registration No

Charity Registration Date
16 March 1993


Date of Establishment

Unique Entity No. (UEN)

GST Registration No.

IPC Status

Effective Date
01/07/2020 – 30/06/2021

Registered with the Registry of Societies on 28 July 1970.

Member of National Council of Social Service

Sector Administrator
Ministry of Education


To serve humanity through training in life saving skills and health care in schools, homes, organisations and the workplace in Singapore.


To be a leading humanitarian and charitable organisation, and to serve humanity by relieving pain and suffering.

Objectives / Goals

  1. To have a trained first-aider in every school, home, organisation and workplace in Singapore.
  2. To be the preferred Charity serving humanity through life-saving skills of first aid, nursing, occupational safety, health care training and emergency assistance.
  3. To be a preferred Uniformed Group in Singapore.
  4. To be an organisation adopting best practices and leveraging on information technology skills and tools, in the pursuit of our goals.
  5. To provide and manage affordable health care services.


  1. First Aid Courses & Awareness Talks for members and the public
  2. Training courses for cadets, officers and teachers
  3. First Aid & Home Nursing Competitions, both local and overseas
  4. Participation in uniform groups’ activities, including National Day Parade
  5. Fund-raising events, such as Walkathon, Flag Day, Formula 1 Survival Kit Charity Sales, Concert and Donation Draw
  6. Hospital Duty attachment
  7. Public duty Other ad-hoc programmes and services

No. of Beneficiaries: Not Applicable